The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions for Partners

We’re thrilled to have you join the Beauty Concierge family! Before your listing goes live, there are just a few legal matters we need to square away.

Please review the following terms and conditions carefully:


  1.     All listings on The Beauty Concierge must include all required elements according to the standards outlined.  This includes titles, descriptions, high resolution logos and graphics, portfolio images, location, and category.
  2.     We reserve the right to reject or remove any listing that fails to meet our directory criteria, any professional who claims to be certified but is unable to provide documentation, or any professional or brand reported misconduct or failure to provide services. Rejected listings will be refunded in full. Listings that are removed for failure to comply with The Beauty Concierge terms are strictly non-refundable.
  3.     Listings will be reviewed and proofread for grammar and clarity, and The Beauty Concierge reserves the right to re-categorize your listing as we deem fit. But we’ll never make revisions that change or confuse your offering.
  4.     If you indicate that you are a certified professional, you will be required to provide proof of your certification before your listing goes live.
  5.     Your listing will go live within 24 hours of receipt of the above requirements and payment.
  6.     Once your listing is live, you will have access to edit or update the details of your listing. However, you will not be able to change your listing type or title.


  1.     All packages include one (1) listing, minimum 30 days live on The Beauty Concierge website, and access to update or edit the details of your listings.
  2.     You can upgrade or downgrade your package up to 10 business days before the end of your package term, however, the change will take effect on your next renewal date.
  3. Full Glam packages include all of the features of an Easy Breezy listing, as well as the ability to list and sell products directly through The Beauty Concierge Marketplace. A commission of 40% of all products sold will be retained by The Beauty Concierge.

Featured Listings and Add-ons


  1.     Featured listings are offered on a monthly basis according to the package you choose, and there is no limit on how long you can maintain a featured listing.
  2.     Being featured in a city or category (Fancy Package) means your product, service, or event will be prominently displayed when clients click on that city or category.
  3.     Being featured on the home page gallery (Full Glam Package) means your product, event, or listing, will appear in a rotating gallery on The Beauty Concierge’s home page alongside other featured brands.

10.   Social media post and blog post add-ons can be purchased at any point during your monthly package. Once the requested details are provided and payment is received, your social media post will go live in 24 hours and your blog post will go live in 72 hours.



11.   The package fees outlined are monthly and are auto-renewed every 30 days unless cancelled.

  1.     All package payments are final and non-refundable. We do not provide refunds, partial or full, for mid-term cancellations.

13.   Packages can be purchased on an annual basis for a 10% discount. Annual listings will remain live for 365 days from the date the listing goes live. Annual packages will be auto-renewed yearly on the date your listing first goes live.

14.   If we are unable to process a payment (either monthly or annual), The Beauty Concierge will notify you by email, and we will attempt to process your payment once more after five (5) business days. If the second payment fails, your listing will be removed, and you will need to purchase a new package and relist your product, service, or event.  

Intellectual Property


  1.     Partners will not, under any circumstance, copy, reproduce, or repost any material posted on The Beauty Concierge’s site without our expressed permission. This includes graphics, logos, and copy created by The Beauty Concierge and our affiliates, graphics and copy designed for featured blog posts or social media posts, or listings content outside of their own.
  2.     Any photos, logos, or original copy you submit to The Beauty Concierge for the purpose of your listing(s) remain solely yours and will not be reproduced or copied without your expressed permission.

Availability and Modifications


17.   The Beauty Concierge reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of the listing or feature offerings at any time. The terms and conditions of this document will still apply to any modified versions of our website.

18.   We’ll do everything in our power to keep The Beauty Concierge smoothly, however, we cannot be held responsible for interruptions outside of our control, including service interruptions, power or internet outages, host disruption, or natural events.



19.   The Beauty Concierge cannot guarantee any number of clicks, views, or bookings from listings. 

  1.     As a beauty professional, you will be solely responsible for providing any necessary waivers to clients acquired via The Beauty Concierge and ensuring their safety according to the standards of your industry.


  1.  The Beauty Concierge is an inclusive space for all people of color. This means we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, classism, or any other form of discrimination. Incidents of discrimination will result in an immediate and permanent ban from The Beauty Concierge.
  2. We will investigate any reports of abuse, non-payment or other forms of professional misconduct from clients acquired via The Beauty Concierge within 72 hours, and suspend or ban any clients from accessing your listing.
  3.     If we receive complaints or negative reviews from clients indicating that you failed to provide service (in part or in full), were late, abusive, or otherwise unprofessional, we will put freeze your listing and launch an investigation. If the complaints are found to be valid, your listing will be temporarily or permanently removed without refund, and a penalty of $150 will be charged.



  1.     The partnership described by this agreement refers to The Beauty Concierge’s endorsement of you and your brand to our clients via listing on our platform. This partnership does not entitle you to any ownership of The Beauty Concierge, nor do we claim any ownership of your business or brand.
  2.     The Beauty Concierge reserves the right to remove your listing and dissolve the aforementioned partnership should you be found to be violating any part of this agreement.

By using this site you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

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