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  1.     We want to bring you the best, so we work diligently to review and verify that all professionals and brands listed on The Beauty Concierge are truly excellent. However, we do not own, manage, or operate any of the listed brands and businesses and, therefore, cannot guarantee any results, nor are we responsible for any personal damage, allergic reactions, injuries, or other harm suffered while accessing services, using products, or attending events discovered on or booked through The Beauty Concierge.
  2.     Your access to The Beauty Concierge is free! You can search, review, and select beauty professionals, brands or events at any time at no cost. Once you’ve chosen your perfect match, the fees you pay are those of the provider and are not set in any way by The Beauty Concierge.
  3.     We want to be certain that maintaining your self-care and beauty regimen is truly a matter of excellence, elegance, and ease. That’s why take complaints and negative reviews seriously. In the rare event that you have a less-than-wonderful experience with one of our partners, we will investigate and address your concern within 72 business hours.
  4.     Just like we want your experience with The Beauty Concierge to be fabulous, we also make the same promise to our partners. Should we receive reports of abuse, non-payment, or any other form of professional misconduct, we reserve the right to suspend or permanently restrict your access to The Beauty Concierge and its partners. 
  5.  The Beauty Concierge is an inclusive space for all people of color. This means we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, classism, or any other form of discrimination. Incidents of discrimination will result in an immediate and permanent ban from The Beauty Concierge.

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