Meet the Beauties Behind The Beauty Concierge

Hey there, beauty!

Welcome to The Beauty Concierge. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things beauty!

Our directory helps you find Black and brown estheticians, stylists, and beauty and fashion brands that you can trust to give you services and products that cater to the unique needs of beauties of color.

On this blog, you’ll discover must-have tools and products, get the inside scoop on trendy beauty regimens, and find tips to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Here at The Beauty Concierge, we’ve made it our mission to make sure beauties of color can always slay without the struggle!

But who is “we”?

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re Sophie and Talia, the co-founders of The Beauty Concierge. Here are a few things we’d like you to know about us.

What We Do

Sophie: I’m a graphic designer and absolutely love my job. I get to create designs in a variety of styles for brands, events, and product lines, working with interesting people around the world. It’s very rewarding seeing someone’s vision come to life through my work. A short list of other things I love: working from home, my cats Nora & Toulouse, Mexican and Thai food, making people laugh, and doing archery while on vacation in Cuba.

Talia: I’m a creative wordsmith with a knack for emotional resonance and a chameleon-like ability to write in other people’s voices. I founded Word Count Creative, a boutique content creation agency that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs speak right to the hearts of their audiences. Outside of writing, I’m obsessed with seafood, soca, and Shonda Rhimes.

Why The Beauty Concierge Matters To Us

Sophie: I came into the world a little (…ok, a lot) lighter than anyone expected, so I of course don’t have the same relationship with the beauty industry that medium and darker-skinned black women have. But, so many of my friends are and such a large part of my network is made up of black women, so I see their struggles, frustration, and disappointment. The idea of having a directory where black women can find high-quality services and products from people who understand their unique needs and desires came to me because I see so many people asking for recommendations in Facebook groups — and then I see a lot of people asking for recommendations after the first recommendation didn’t work out! The site seemed like a no-brainer, and since Talia and I share a lot of the same interests, we’re both passionate about the same issues, and we’re both hard workers, she naturally seemed like the perfect partner. Though The Beauty Concierge’s main focus is on black-women-owned businesses, including Indigenous-owned brands (and other WOC-owned brands, especially ones that work with makers and artisans in their home countries) was also very important to me, and Talia was thankfully on board with the idea.

Talia: As a Black woman, I know first hand how the beauty industry has failed beauties of color. I think the wildest thing I’ve ever experienced was being told my eyebrows were “too curly to wax”! The struggle is real, and I know it’s not just me. So, for me, The Beauty Concierge is a way to make sure my fellow beauties of color can find brands and professionals that actually cater to them by connecting them with Black and brown business owners who are brilliant at what they do.

Our Personal Philosophies On Beauty 

Sophie: I think it’s important that each of us defines what is beautiful for ourselves. For some women, that’s a completely bare face, for others, it’s Met Gala-level makeup; with regard to fashion, some women prefer modesty, and some prefer showing a lot of skin. Regardless of what’s going on on the outside, I think that a person can’t be truly beautiful if they’re rude, thoughtless, or cruel.

Talia: Inner and outer beauty play off each other, and it’s essential to maintain both. When you’ve got a beautiful heart and good character, it shines in your face and your spirit. When you take good care of your skin, hair, and nails, it has undeniable benefits for your mood and confidence.

Our Three Beauty Must-Haves 


  1. Eye makeup — mascara, black liner, and I always use a shimmery yet neutral plum-pink eyeshadow. And I mean always, I’m not cool like Talia with all her different makeup looks lol!
  2. My lips would fall off without Vaseline in the winter.
  3. This pedicure kit – perfect for lazy people like me who don’t make it to the spa that often (but if I did, I’d choose someone listed on our site!)


  1. Medicated lip balm — Blistex in the blue tub is my holy grail!
  2. A salon-sized bucket of hair bleaching powder — I haven’t had dark hair since August 2017.
  3. Hand lotion — no ashy hands formed against me shall prosper!

Have questions about The Beauty Concierge? Want to know more about the beauties behind the brand? Send us an email!


Co-Founders Sophie Taylor & Talia Leacock-Campbell


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