Culture/Curated: 12.07.19

Welcome to our new blog series, Culture/Curated, where eye candy, inspiration, and a bit of education meet. Every month or two Sophie will post a curated selection of beauty- and fashion-adjacent articles or images for your reading or viewing pleasure.

Lina Iris Viktor exhibition

“Lina Iris Viktor’s magnificent work centres the black figure as the universal human form through which narratives are weaved, histories entwined and possible futures imagined.”

Renée Mussai, Curator

See: Some Are Born to Endless Night — ​Dark Matter in London until January 25, 2020

A Book For Our Beauties of Color

“As a woman of colour, the issue of inclusivity (lack of) in the beauty industry has of course always been very personal to me.”

Funmi Fetto, Executive Editor & Beauty Director at British GLAMOUR

Read: Why she wrote PALETTE

Charlotte Nebres in the nutcracker

“I saw [Misty Copeland] perform and she was just so inspiring and so beautiful… When I saw someone who looked like me onstage, I thought, that’s amazing. She was representing me and all the people like me.”

Charlotte Nebres, Ballerina

Read: “After Misty Comes Marie: Breaking Barriers in ‘The Nutcracker’”

Beautiful Baroque Blackness

“Ayana V. Jackson’s moodily lit self-portraits offer a powerful and haunting presentation of black femininity in Baroque brilliance.”

Anna Brady & Margaret Carrigan, The Art Newspaper

See: Take Me to the Water exhibition photos


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