About the Beauty Concierge

A Business for Beauties of Color

We’ve all been there… A last minute event, short-notice cancellation, or a move to a new city has left us in desperate need of a beauty professional who can get us looking fabulous fast. So, we turn to social media and friends for referrals, desperately hoping we’ll find a a great stylist.

We know all too well that the results of these frantic searches can be hit or miss. And when it’s a miss, it’s disastrous—mismatched foundation shades, painful waxing mishaps, heat damaged curls, shedding lashes.

It’s a nightmare that beauties of color experience far too often. While the beauty industry has made impressive strides to be more inclusive, many mainstream estheticians and brands still cater primarily to fair skin, straight hair, and Eurocentric beauty standards, making it especially hard for black and brown beauties to find the providers they can count on. 

At the Beauty Concierge, we take all the hassle out of the hunt for trusted Black, Indigenous, and POC beauty professionals and brands. We’ve made it easier than ever to access a qualified team of estheticians and stylists who’ll give you stunning without the struggle. Our carefully-vetted beauty partners provide top-notch results every time. From catering to a broad range of skin types, complexions and hair textures, to offering mobile services and flexible scheduling to fit your busy life, we’ve made looking your best a matter of excellence, elegance and ease.


The Beauty Concierge is your one-stop shop for all your favorite beauty essentials and services provided by qualified professionals. Whether you’re maintaining your regular self-care routine or getting glammed up for a special occasion, we help you find the best estheticians and brands with just a few clicks.


That holy grail product you’ve been searching high and low for is right here! We’ve gathered some of the best Black-, Indigenous-, and POC-owned beauty brands in the business to help you upgrade your beauty regimen with products your hair, skin, and nails will love, plus lots of fashion and accessory brands to keep you looking fab. 


Are you excited to talk all things beauty? Do you want the chance to learn the secrets to gorgeous healthy hair, nails, and skin from industry professionals? Want to collect goodie bags full of beauty essentials? Check out our curated list of upcoming beauty and fashion events you won’t want to miss! 

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Mission Statement

At the Beauty Concierge, we appreciate beauty and fashion as a means of self-expression, self-love, and self-care, and we value the opportunity to bridge the gap between beauties of color and POC brands that cater to their unique needs.

We also recognize that for BIPOC (Black and Indigenous people of color – and especially women), beauty and fashion are also ways of honoring our cultures, connecting with our communities, and choosing to show up proud and unapologetic in our skin wherever we go. ⠀

We’ve made it our mission to embrace, celebrate, and support the expression and connection of Black, Indigenous, and POC cultures and communities through beauty and fashion. ⠀

Behind the Brand

Meet the ladies who brought you The Beauty Concierge

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Sophie Taylor

Sophie Taylor is an award-winning branding and graphic designer who uses her keen eye for detail and artistic flair to create gorgeous designs for brands all over the world. Her Castlefield® portfolio is an ode to versatility, with designs ranging from minimalist to ornate. Sophie is in charge of all the branding, graphics, and web design for The Beauty Concierge. Connect with her online at @castlefielddesign.

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Talia Leacock-Campbell

Talia Leacock-Campbell is a self-care enthusiast, soca baby, and the creative wordsmith behind Word Count Creative, a boutique content agency that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs speak right to the hearts of their audiences. Talia is in charge of all the copy and brand messaging for The Beauty Concierge. Find her online at @talialeacock.